Bonnier News

Since 2019 I’ve worked as an Art Director at Bonnier News with focus on concept and event. Together with marketers I’ve developed concepts for new events and produced both digital and print content. The tempo is high and you have to be comfortable with a fast pace to keep up. Being here for almost a year have made me more agile and I feel that I can meet my clients requests in time and with great quality.

Årets Byrå 2020

During spring 2020 Resumé and Regi held a contest where the Swedish people voted for their favorite firms in categories like: Design, content and event. I designed the layout of all communication, information and screens before and during the event.

The following video is one of several “nominee-videos” I made for the event.

Female Founders 2020

In fall 2020 Di-Digital is going to host the event “Female Founders”. A pitch-contest for tech-based startups with primarily female founding members.
I designed the theme and produced both print and digital content to promote the event.